Remove busy work.
Let sales reps sell.

Meet the missing AI assistant for modern sales teams. Automate repetitive tasks with data from your calls.

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Save time. Sell more.

There's a lot of manual work required from sales reps in order to make sure deals don't fall through the cracks. It's about time someone helps with that.

Increase Efficiency

Sparkd removes the need to manually find resources, or be reminded to ping their manager when a competitor is mentioned. Sales reps can move onto preparing for their next call or doing things that drive help them meet their quota.

Finds Resources Quickly

Sparkd finds the right resources after the call.

Complete Tasks Automatically

Save time by having standard email snippets highlighted according to the context of the call.

Improve Morale

Most sales reps say that their biggest frustration was admin work associated with their roles. With Sparkd, you can remove this burden, and create happier teams.

Link Tracking

Be absolutely sure that your prospect has opened that blog post you sent over. Be notified if they don't.

Do More With Less

Automate the 10+ tasks you have to do after every call. Spend more time selling.

Hey there. 😀

It's Ben and Josh, co-founders of Sparkd.

There's no better feeling than closing a deal.

But the path to get there is full of busy work.

Let us paint a picture for you... You've just got off an AMAZING call with a prospect, you are pumped!

Once the adrenaline has worn off your next steps involve scheduling additional calls, sending off documentation and resources, and making sure you follow up on all the information you promised on that call.

Those administrative tasks mean that the time it takes from one closed deal to the next is longer than it needs to be.

The more calls you have, the more emails you send.

The more emails you send, the more time is wasted with copying and pasting information, searching for files and scanning through previous call recordings.

Things shouldn't be this difficult.

That's why we built Sparkd.

We have both been in your shoes, we hate the tedious admin work that comes with being in sales.

With Sparkd, you get all the data from previous calls, and relevant files and documents in a summarized format so you are able to send quick, accurate follow-ups without wasting all that time.

Let us help you save time so you can do the job you actually want to do: sell.

- Ben & Josh

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